EngageHer is a national organization dedicated to educating and activating multicultural women and their communities about the most important issues they care about. Engage Her provides leadership training by conducting conferences, training workshops and local meetings through Engage Her Circles.  Combining the efficiency of Internet with the need to meet in person, EngageHer enables and empowers multicultural women to take actions on issues important to themselves and their communities. Most importantly, EngageHer also connects women of all generations as well as of all colors and backgrounds to create a united force for change.  The key issues that women have identified include:

Health, Education, Economic and Social Justice issues represent the key areas that affect women deeply on a daily basis. Women need to educate themselves on the issues, advocate for change and participate in creating social change within our communities and our country. Engaging in petitions, voting for key issues and making our voices heard to our legislators and decision makers is a critical factor in ensuring changes that affect our communities take place. We will accomplish these goals in several ways:

Educating & Training women on key issues:  Providing articles and information about issues, problems and solutions we should be aware and support in order to improve the problems in our communities and across the nation.

Leadership Training
EngageHer’s leadership training program addresses the unique barriers that multicultural women often face within their own families and cultures. National conferences featuring prominent multicultural women leaders and topic workshops offers the opportunities to brainstorm sessions and connecting with other progressive attendees.One-day workshops offer strategies and skills for surmounting these barriers and are led by experienced, successful multicultural women leaders in business, politics, education, and other professional fields.

Social Media Training
EngageHer will offer one-day workshops throughout the country – in community colleges – on social media training. These workshops are based on EngageHer’s successful sessions at its annual 2009 conference, where experts in social media tools led hands-on workshops for women who learned to use Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other media to communicate and create change. These workshops provide opportunities for the young to connect with older women, and for all to participate together in learning how to communicate effectively in this new age.

Video Training
Engage Her will conduct one day workshops teaching communities on how to create their own videos and how to distribute them online. Professionals will be recruited to teach these workshops. Engage Her will encourage women to participate in the new citizen advocacy arena by creating and distributing videos to their own networks and communities.

Taking action:  Asking our members to sign petitions, viral market videos, call their elected officials for support of key issues and letting them know that we are watching them and demanding action.

A key issue EngageHer addresses is registering multicultural women and their communities for the 2010 U.S. Census and encouraging them to vote in the 2010 elections. The multicultural vote made a decisive difference in the 2008 elections and it could have the same impact in 2010 if registration efforts made by EngageHer and other organizations continue.

We helped distribute a new documentary,
EngageHer: Getting minority women to lead and vote in 2008. The film interviewed women about the lack of participation from multicultural women in voting and leading. It was seen throughout the nation – at schools, community clubs, and homes — and it will be revised for continued screenings throughout the country. Response to the film has been enthusiastic, and a copy is available at https://www.createspace.com/258416

EngageHer members will be asked to encourage their elected representatives to vote for legislation leading to improvements in health care for all Americans, whatever their level of income.

EngageHer plans to partner with other groups to launch a Fight Obesity campaign among multicultural women and their communities. We will use the Internet to distribute videos and other media, such as blogs, to support a food education campaign to address the systemic spread of obesity among the American population.